No system integration required. We take care of order fulfillment and customer service for all international inquiries.

Low Cost/Low Risk

No upfront investment, contracts or ongoing costs. You simply sell to us like you would a standard domestic customer.

Handled with Care

We’re paving the way in customer satisfaction. Let our trusted service and global network help build your brand!





Simply refer your international customers to Big Apple Buddy. We take care of the rest!



The international customer places their order through Big Apple Buddy.



We buy the item from you and ship to the international customer. It’s that easy!


Partnering with Big Apple Buddy does not involve any incremental cost. You would be selling to us as a regular domestic customer, at retail prices. Our business model allows you to test international markets in a low-cost, hassle-free way.




It’s easy! Just start referring international customers to us and we’ll take it from there. Most of our partners do this through a combination of referring customers via email (for those that contact their customer support teams) and through targeted copy on their website. The best contact email for customers is info@bigapplebuddy.com. We’d be happy to provide sample material, including logos, for your website. Our process is intended to fall into your existing sales infrastructure as seamlessly as possible so we’d be happy to purchase through an appropriate contact at your company or just order directly from your website.

We charge a service fee to fulfil orders for our international customers. For a single transaction, we charge $50 for the first item and $15 for each additional item. This cost is paid by the end customer and not by our merchant partners. We’d be happy to discuss a reduction in our service fee to reduce the landed cost to your customers. We also find it helpful to be able to pass through some discount on the retail price of partners’ products in order to maximize sales conversions. Similarly, we’d be happy to discuss pricing in order to drive international sales.

Simply put, we eliminate the hassle and cost of international distribution. Prior to working with us, many of our merchant partners had stopped shipping internationally with typical friction points being customs / export compliance, local regulations and prohibitive shipping rates (on account of them not shipping internationally at scale). By partnering with us, you can sell to international consumers just as easily as you sell to your domestic ones. We buy on behalf of international consumers so we will be the only customer you see and deal with. This eliminates the burden on your customer support team and on your existing sales infrastructure while still allowing you to reach international customers.

We work with our logistics partners FedEx and DHL to ship to over 150 countries around the world. We have negotiated highly competitive rates which are even cheaper than USPS to ensure a compelling landed cost. We only ship using express methods which ensures not only the most reliable delivery method, including full tracking through to the customer’s doorstep, but also fast shipping speeds, with most items delivered within 2-4 business days of leaving our facility.

Most of our partners do this through a combination of referring customers via email (for those that contact their customer support teams) and through targeted copy on their website. The best contact email for customers is info@bigapplebuddy.com. We’d be happy to provide sample material, including logos, for your website. Some of our merchant partners also have a large proportion of their email subscriber base located internationally. Many of those have found specific email marketing campaigns to be highly effective in driving sales. We’d be happy to discuss developing such a campaign.

Not at all! Although some of our partners have found it most efficient to set up a specific customer record in their ERP systems and a separate process for high volume purchases, we can work with you simply though email correspondence with an appropriate contact at your company and/or buy directly from your website.

We just buy directly from you in whichever way most naturally integrates with your existing systems. Once we receive an order on behalf of a customer, we can buy through your website or a purchase order through the appropriate contact at your company.

We have shipped to over 150 countries around the world and have highly competitive shipping rates to every corner of the globe. The countries we consistently ship most to are Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, the UAE, the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

We can help you do both! Our customer base is over 200,000 strong across the globe and consists largely of early adopter tech enthusiasts. Because of the nature of our service we tend to favor very targeted mail-outs to potentially interested contacts rather than broad distributions. We’d be happy to discuss potential international marketing opportunities for your business.

We have several distinct categories of customers. Most relevantly, many of our customers are working professionals interested in the latest technology. These people are usually time poor and value convenience. We also service business customers, with the direct contact usually being founders or co-founders, senior executives or procurement officers, who buy for a variety of purposes for their businesses (including corporate gifts, client events and general business use).

Our service is designed to help international consumers buy domestically from U.S. stores and manufacturers. As our merchant partners are selling to us domestically in the U.S., sales will be regulated in the same way as any other sale to a domestic customer (i.e. the merchant partners are not selling to international markets and therefore overseas regulations are not applicable). Customers buying through us are subject to terms and conditions which specifically provide that we are buying on their behalf in the U.S. and not their home country.

The customer pays for any import taxes and duties (if applicable). We offer the customer the option of pre-paying these amounts so that the product passes seamlessly across the international border through to their doorstep. Alternately, if the customer declines this option, our logistics partner will contact the customer once the parcel is in transit with payment instructions. We prepare all necessary customs documentation prior to shipment so our customers rarely experience delays with customs.

Given the simplicity of our partnership arrangements, we do not think there is a need for a formal contract. That said, should there be greater information sharing, especially in the context of any joint marketing campaigns, we would be more than happy to provide sample terms to discuss.

We’ve successfully delivered products to thousands of customers in over 150 countries around the world. The quality of our service has earned us rave reviews (see here and here) and profiles and mentions in leading publications around the world (see here). We’re happy to work with partners on a limited trial basis with sample customers and provide full transparency into our process and the customer experience every step of the way. We’d also be happy to provide more information about how we deliver our high quality service.

We provide a purchasing service and are not a store or reseller. Consequently, if a customer has an issue with their product, we help them through the store or manufacturer’s RMA process including having the product shipped back to the store or manufacturer for a refund or replacement. In the case of a replacement, we would receive it at our New York facilities and on-ship to the customer as per a regular purchase transaction.

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